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TAB-MATE.COM is an international company focused on developing and marketing unique and innovative products for consumer and corporate customer markets. Since 1995, TAB-MATE.COM has leveraged its expertise in product development and distribution to offer high quality / low cost products under its trademarked brands in a number of expanding product categories. With headquarters in Montreal Canada, TNS services and supports markets worldwide including North America, Europe and Asia. 

TAB-MATE.COM is managed by a team of seasoned executives with experience in numerous global industry sectors. Our product launches are supported by dedicated product specialists who are focused on assisting our valued reseller and affiliate partners. We are an environmentally responsible company with well engineered eco-friendly products made from premium materials such as pure recyclable aluminum and ROHS approved (food grade) plastics. As a corporation, TAB-MATE.COM is proud to give back to the communities it serves through its support of a wide variety of not-for-profit organizations. 

TAB-MATE.COM offers the following major product lines:

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